Stainless Steel Railing in Dorset | New Balcony
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Stainless Steel Railing in Dorset

Stainless steel railings can be a fantastic addition to your home, workplace, or even to your garden. They are not only useful for those who have difficulties walking or getting up the stairs, but they can act as a piece of décor to really add to the room which they are installed in.

If you have any interest in our handrails service, regardless of whether you require them for indoors or outdoors, then get in touch with us today and we will provide you with a no obligation quote.

Why Get Stainless Steel Railings Dorset?

There are so many different reasons for looking into getting stainless steel railings installed, some of which are:

Disabilities. Having railings or handrails installed for disability reasons can make an individual’s life a lot easier. Our workers understand this and will happily adapt our services to fit that individual’s needs.

Outside Railings. If you’ve recently renovated your back garden to include a patio of sorts, adding a steel railing will not only add more character to the garden and make it seem more complete, but it will really bring your garden renovation together.

Designs  Stainless Steel Railing in Dorset

When it comes to designing a stainless steel railing in Dorset, we do our best to provide a unique design which best suits the environment where the railings will be installed.

There is nothing worse than having a permanent fixture which doesn’t suit its placement from an aesthetic standpoint, and we understand that. Our workers will work with you to provide you with a design that you are happy with, and a railing installation that you’ll remember.

Glass Balconies

Our glass balconies service is one which we take pride in being able to offer. Being able to provide a service like this is something which takes a lot of experience, knowledge, and a team who know what they’re doing. These are all things which describe our team of workers.

Glass balconies go hand-in-hand with stainless steel railing in Dorset and are the perfect addition to a balcony which is missing something. Rather than going with the generic wooden balcony, be adventurous and have a glass balcony installed. If need be, we can install one of our stainless steel railings onto the glass balcony.

Choosing New Balcony

We are a group of skilled individuals who are trained to the highest standard possible so that when we serve our customers with a service that they seek, we can fulfil their needs and exceed their expectations.

Our team have over 10 years of experience working with both residential and commercial railing needs. They have the knowledge and experience to adapt their skills and resources around your specific needs. It is our goal to fully satisfy your needs and leave no doubts in your mind.

Alongside delivering the high-quality service which has become expected of us, we will exceed your expectations which helps us to stand out from the crowd.

Get in Touch with Us Today

If we’ve persuaded you that our services are as good as we’ve described, then you won’t regret giving us a call and scheduling a time for us to evaluate your property and discuss the options which you have. You can call us on 01202 740154, or send us an email at After discussing what you’re looking for with our team and scheduling for the work to be done, the work that our team do will undoubtedly amaze you.