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Poole New Balcony Construction

When you’re living in Poole on the sunny south coast of England, what could be better than sliding open the bedroom door in the morning to surround yourself with the fresh sea air? But with so Poole New Balcony Constructionmany balcony options available, how do you know which one is the right construction for you? At New Balcony, we provide a full consultancy, manufacturing and installation service, so if you’re thinking of investing in a balcony, call our Poole new balcony construction team today on 01202 740154.

Choosing the best new balcony construction in Poole

We have a range of balconies available to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you own a modern property that encompasses architectural cubism, a California-style beach property, or just an every-day residential build, we offer the best advice for those looking for new balcony construction Poole.

Our team have years of experience carrying out new balcony construction in Poole. We will work to overcome any obstacles throughout the build and won’t mark the job as complete until you are completely happy with how your Poole new balcony construction looks.

What the best new balcony construction Poole design for me?

With so many styles available, sometimes it’s hard to choose the best balcony to be sympathetic with the existing design of the house. Other factors involved when choosing the right balcony construction Poole design may include safety features and maintenance requirements.

Read on to find out more about the different styles of balconies that we can install.

Standard Stainless

Standard stainless steel framed balconies are often the least time consuming to manufacture and install, as each length of steel can be carefully cut to measure. Whether the structure of your house requires a free standing or supported balcony, you can guarantee that any of our Poole new balcony constructions will be strong, adhere strict health and safety guidelines and look super stylish.

Stainless steel is also incredibly low maintenance as it doesn’t rust, so this style of new balcony construction in Poole is great for those who don’t have the time to worry about maintenance and regular cleaning.


Juliette balconies are simple to install as they don’t require extending the existing space, and are often the best option for those on a tight budget. Juliette balconies can often require the additional building work of installing double or French-style doors into the exterior wall of your property.  Our Juliette new balcony construction Poole are commonly manufactured using stainless steel and glass panels, which are safe, secure and low maintenance.

Flatpost System

When you want something a little different, yet equally as safe and secure as a stainless steel balcony, Flatpost systems are a great choice. Our team will carefully carry out your Poole new balcony construction in line with strict health and safety guidelines and building regulations. Providing uninterrupted views out towards your favourite vista, they are a strong choice for modern architectural builds.


Glass-only balconies provide something really special. Sitting out on your balcony, feel part of the scenery as your balcony seamlessly extends your living space into the surrounding view.  Our glass balconies are fitted using a grooving system, which ensures that they adhere to building regulations and meet strict health and safety guidelines. Check out our glass-only page to see some examples of our new balcony constructions in Poole.

Why should you choose a new balcony from New Balcony?

With over 10 years installing balconies along the south coast, we have gained an unrivalled reputation for producing the best new balcony constructions Poole has ever seen. We are experts in working with the following high-quality materials to ensure you receive a balcony that matches your vision:

  • Stainless steel
  • Glass
  • Perspex
  • Powder coated mild steel
  • Punched stainless steel infills
  • Aluminium

Each balcony is tailor-made and bespoke to your property. Every Poole new balcony construction that we carry out will be completed in line with health and safety and building regulations, yet we Poole New Balcony Constructionnever compromise on style and sophistication.

In the initial consultation stage, we will discuss the style that you would like to achieve and discuss the materials required to create it. We will take the measurements, and once the design is approved, construct it from scratch in our workshop.

Once completed, our team of Poole new balcony construction specialists will carry out the installation and make sure the completed look is perfect. We aim for you to have your new balcony installed ten working days after the order date.

In addition to working with our client to create the perfect design, we will also work happily with architects and developers to create the best designs for new builds, refurbishments and extensions.

Our Policies

As with any Poole new balcony construction company, we adhere to company policies including:

  • Privacy policy
  • Returns and refunds
  • Cancellations

Contact us

If you would like to enquire about our Poole new balcony construction and would like to know how we can help you design the perfect balcony for you, don’t hesitate to contact us today.