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Modern Balustrade Balconies Poole

Does your property need invigorating with modern balustrade balconies in Poole? At New Balcony, we have years of experience in designing and implementing modern architectural balcony designs to suit all properties. We have a  a variety of modern balustrade designs for your property

Our Poole Modern Balustrade BalcBalustrade Balcony Pooleonies

Most of our clients install Poole modern balustrade balconies as a safety precaution to your property. Balcony balustrades are popular as an aesthetically pleasing safety precaution for high-level open platforms. Our balustrades are manufactured to adhere to building regulations and British Safety Standards to ensure the protection of your property and the residents within it.

We stock a range of balcony balustrades designs that can be installed with glass, wire and mesh infills so we can design bespoke balconies that will promote the vision of your property. Discover our balustrade designs and infills.


Our most popular designs for modern balustrade balconies in Poole are the sleek appeal of glass infill panels. Its polished appearance is a perfect addition to add professionalism and quality to commercial and domestic properties alike. Whether you want frameless designs or CAD designed metal-framed posts, our architects will construct lustrous balustrade balcony designs dedicated to your design plans.

Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless steel wire panels for balustrade balconies are very popular for increasing safety without drastically changing the physical properties to your building. The small wires across the balustrade are discreet and hence create what feels like a transparent barrier around the perimeter of your high-level balcony. Wire panels, made alongside either wood or metal railings, will seamlessly blend into the style of your property to prevent these features from deterring the aesthetic quality of your home.

Mesh and Perforated Sheeting

Coated mesh infills are ideal for use in public in the public sector with many of our clients for such balustrade balconies being schools and commercial businesses. Perforated sheeting like our mesh balustrades provides safety and screening in a striking facade.

These stainless steel coated mesh panels, made from non-corrosive materials, are a resilient addition that will increase the safety and privacy of your property. Choose from a selection of colours that aim to suit the style of any property and improve the physical appearance of your building.

Why Choose New Balcony?

At New Balcony, you can rely on our experienced workmen to design, supply, and install your modern balustrade balconies in Poole. With ten years experience at manufacturing balconies for commercial and domestic properties we can guarantee you the following:

  • Adhere to building regulations
  • Comply with British Safety Standards
  • Excel in customer satisfaction
  • Experienced and trained tradesmen
  • High-quality products
  • No obligation quotation
  • Tailor-made designs

Contact Us

If you wish to design and install modern balustrade balconies in Poole, give New Balcony a call on 01202 740154, or send an email to