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Hampshire Balconies

Would you like to increase the value and the beauty of your home in one easy step? The answer is yes of course! Speak to New Balcony today, and let our team transform your property by designing, fabricating and installing a magnificent new balcony that will make your home stand out in the crowd.

Beautiful balconies for Hampshire homes Hampshire Balconies

Having a balcony added to your property is a sure fire way to increase the value of your home. Research shows that prospective buyers are far more likely to be interested in your home when it features a balcony or two. Another key benefit is that for homes that have limited outdoor space, a balcony adds that outside area you crave but without you having to waste money moving to a home with a garden.

At New Balcony, we have years’ of experience in creating beautiful balconies that are completely bespoke to your needs and the exterior shape of your home. Our company has many different options you can choose from when deciding on the appearance of your balcony. We will work with your thoughts and aspirations for your balcony design, to create something that you will love and will enhance the appearance of your property.

Glass-only balconies

A popular option with Hampshire homeowners is to install a luxury balcony that creates an illusion of being invisible, so people can barely see it. This allows for the exterior of your home to look unaffected, making it ideal for both modern and older houses, as it blends in faultlessly.

What is this amazing balcony option you ask? Well, the answer is to choose to have glass-only balconies installed in your home. Installing a glass balcony won’t tarnish any views, and you’ll still be able to see all of the stunning landscape that surrounds your home when you stand on your balcony.

The glass we use is eco-friendly and very thick so that it will withstand even the harshest winter weathers. As an additional feature, why not install a glass balustrade onto the balcony, to create a railing that is both attractive and a helpful safety feature.

Choose New Balcony to create your Hampshire balcony

At New Balcony, we have created opulent and bespoke balconies for domestic and commercial property owners. We have experience in creating balconies that feature on the exterior and in the interior of a property.

New Balcony is very well-liked with new build developers, and other building companies who focus on property extension and renovation projects. When you hire our services, we will work with all other contractors that you have hired, to ensure that you receive exactly what you desire and that all project aspects compliment each other.

Our team of expert craftsmen are highly skilled in all aspects of balcony design, fabrication, installation and maintenance. Whatever balcony would want you for home, we create it so beautifully that it will exceed all of your expectations. At New Balcony, we will manufacture the following balconies and accessories:

Contact us today

So now you know which company to contact when you want stunning and property enhancing Hampshire balconies. Speak to a member of New Balcony today on 01202 740154 or 01202 876196 to get your free, no obligation quote. Transform you home for the better with New Balcony today!