Commercial Balcony Construction in Poole
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Commercial Balcony Construction in Poole

Could your commercial premises benefit from a balcony? If so, call New Balcony today for commercial balcony construction in Poole that is out of this world. We can use our years of experience to provide you with a superb balcony design to suit your commercial property.

Our Poole commercial balcony construction services

At New Balcony, we provide a premier service specialising in Poole commercial balcony construction. Whether you own a small retail outlet or a large restaurant installing one of our balconies will increase the value of your property while adding to its aesthetics as well. Our company offers more than just balconies for relaxing on; we also design balustrades to keep your customers and employees safe.

The many and varied styles that we offer at New Balcony

Stainless SteelCommercial Balcony Construction in Poole

Naturally, we wouldn’t be the best company for commercial balcony construction Poole has seen if we didn’t offer the classics. Our contemporary stainless steel designs effortlessly combine functionality with comfort. This creates the perfect outdoor space for your patrons to kick back and enjoy a fine beverage.

We expertly craft bespoke designs that complement the appearance of your property and can work with you to achieve the best results.


Of course, it is not all about aesthetics. Where your customers and employees are concerned, safety is of paramount importance. A full height opening can provide stunning views but also presents a serious falling hazard. A Juliette balcony is typically fitted in front and serves as a guard rail or balustrade.

At New Balcony, we can provide commercial Juliette balcony construction in Poole in no time at all.

Flatpost System

If you are looking for a sleeker design, then you cannot go wrong with a superb flatpost system. Where traditional balconies utilise steel frames and bars, these designs bring glass panels together with metal posts to create a fantastic window into the world.

Glass only

At New Balcony, our Poole commercial balcony construction company can fabricate glass only balconies that are out of this world. These modern minimalist designs create by far the biggest impact on your commercial property. Not only do these balconies provide breathtaking views that are completely unhindered, but they also blend seamlessly in with your property as well.

Our commercial balcony construction Poole company will work with a whole range of materials that includes:

  • Aluminium
  • Glass
  • Perspex
  • Powder coated mild steel
  • Punched stainless steel infill’s and much more

In addition to the above, we can also supply a fantastic range of balustrades and handrails. It’s no wonder that we are the finest commercial balcony construction company Poole has experienced.

Why choose New Balcony?

When it comes to installing a new balcony, our company understands the importance of creating a solid product that is safe, functional, and stunning to behold. At New Balcony, we have more than 10 years of experience within the commercial balcony sector. Our qualified installers can create fully bespoke designs that are tailored to meet your requirements.

Whether you are looking for a new-build, extension, or a refurbishment, we can supply you with a free no-obligation quote. Our Poole commercial balcony construction business remains devoted to ensuring complete customer satisfaction. We always promise to deliver on-time and to budget with a service that is both friendly and professional.


Contact us on 01202 740154 or email us at and book your commercial balcony construction in Poole today with New Balcony.