Commercial Balcony Construction in Poole Dorset
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Commercial Balcony Construction in Poole dorset

Do you want a superb commercial balcony construction service? With a variety of options, your first choice is New Balcony. We have provided a superb commercial balcony construction in Poole, Dorset service for many years and are unrivalled in our offerings in the local area. We offer balconies like stainless steel, Juliette, flatpost systems and more for Poole properties.

Our Poole commercial balcony construction services

A balcony is a unique property feature that will help to enhance the high-level space of your Poole commercial property. New Balcony offers an unrivalled selection of balconies like:

Stainless steel balconies

Our stainless steel balconies are unrivalled in Poole and Dorset; we use the finest steel to construct a balcony that will enhance your property. If requested, our bespoke stainless steel balconies can be customised with detailing for a stand-out balcony.

Click to view our standard stainless steel balconies.

Juliette balconies

A Juliette balcony is often used as a guard rail or balustrade; it also offers protection from falls. It is suited for properties that are unable to support a full balcony and will not allow you to stand on it. We will use high-quality materials to construct a superb Juliette balcony for your property in Poole.

Find out more about our Juliette balconies.

Flatpost system

New Balcony has the facilities to construct a flatpost system onto a selection of Poole properties. If you want a balcony that is sleek and modern, then look no further than our flatpost balconies. We will install an array of metal posts with connecting glass panels.

Discover our flatpost systems today.


At New Balcony, we will design a custom balustrade for your property in Poole using the latest CAD design software. Suitable for use inside and outside your commercial property, our balustrades will be a welcome addition to any property and will complement the existing features.

Read more about our balustrades.

Why choose our commercial balcony construction Poole services?

Choosing a company to construct a commercial balcony for your Poole property can be a difficult decision. Listed below is a list of reasons why you should choose New Balcony today:

  • 10 years of experience          Glass Balcony By New Balcony
  • Bespoke to your property and needs
  • High-quality materials all construction
  • No obligation quotes on all balcony work
  • Designs that compliment your property

Contact us

Contact New Balcony for the best commercial balcony construction in Poole, Dorset service for your property today.