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Balcony Fitters in Bournemouth Dorset

Do you have veranda? Would you like to fit a secure balcony to your property? This is where our balcony fitters in Bournemouth will help. At New Balcony, we are experts in providing safe and architecturally bespoke balconies in Dorset. We have a wide selection of balcony fit and designs to suit your individual property.

What do our Bournemouth balcony fitters provide?

When you want to install a secure balcony to your property, our Bournemouth balcony fitters will take you through all the design ideas we have available.

Standard stainless steel

Sometimes simplicity is best and at New Balcony we go back to basics with our standard stainless steel balconies. Don’t let the simplicity fool you, our stainless steel balconies are a popular option for properties across Dorset. Combining both enduring strength with subtle contemporary designs, our stainless steel balconies have improved the exterior aesthetics of many properties.

Find out more about our stainless steel balconies and how they will enhance your home.


Do you have a tall, glass window on the upper floor of your building? Then we recommend you install our Juliette balconies. This balcony will act as a guard or balustrade to give you the additional protection you need when you are at risk of a fall.

To understand more about the secure features of our balconies, read what our Juliette balconies will offer you.


Flatpost systems offer sleek and contemporary designs with all the durable qualities of a stainless steel balcony. The flatpost system works by a series of metal posts connecting glass panels together in a seamless construction.

If you are interested in installing a balcony on your property, then we recommend you choose our flatpost system.

Glass only

Do you want a modern alternative to your balcony? Then choose our superb glass-only balcony finish. Unlike the flatpost systems, glass balconies are specifically designed to remove any obstructing metal posts that spoil the breathtaking views around your property. Instead, these balconies will enhance the panoramic scenery with luxuriously sleek and opaque designs.

Our balconies are ideal for any property, old or new; commercial or domestic, so discover in more detail the benefits of the glass only balcony we have available.

Benefits of using our balcony fitters in Dorset

When you choose our balcony fitters in Dorset, you will be employing the best tradesmen in the South Coast to install your balcony. Here, are just some of the benefits you will receive when you choose to fit our balcony designs to your property.

  • Contemporary fixtures Balcony Fitters in Bournemouth Dorset
  • Custom-made designs
  • Durable and protective materials
  • Enhanced safety
  • Luxury furnishings
  • Qualified tradesmen

Find out more

If you want our balcony fitters in Bournemouth to fit bespoke balcony designs to your property, then contact New Balcony. Email or call us on 01202 740154 today.