Balcony Fitter in Christchurch
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Balcony Fitter in Christchurch

Are you interested in fitting a balcony on your premises? You need the best balcony fitter in Christchurch to do the job. Turn to New Balcony and we’ll construct a stunning balcony that will be a great addition to your property.

Why choose to fit a balcony in Christchurch?

Balconies are a simple but effective way to add space to your property and enhance the exterior beauty of your home. Simple in design, our balconies are perfect for those looking for a touch of glamour and with our Christchurch balcony fitter, you’ll receive the most stunning results.

Our balconies are made to measure your individual property. So whether you have a flat, house or want to improve the aesthetics of your workplace, a balcony is the perfect choice and feature.

Balcony Fitters in Christchurch, DorsetWhat balconies do we provide?

At New Balcony, we understand that, for every property, we’ll be required to create bespoke balconies to complement your home or business. Alongside the architectural designs of your building, we’ll create a unique balcony tailor-made for your property. Some of the balcony designs you could choose from include:

Standard steel

Simple yet strong, this design is sleek and will add a touch of professionalism to any building. Using stainless steel materials, our standard balconies are praised for their durability and lasting nature.


Let your property ooze romance and beauty with one of our Juliette balconies. Juliette balconies are beneficial for upper floor windows in need of additional support from a protective barrier. Quick to install, these balconies are the most attractive design out of our services.

Glass only

Sleek and elegant in its architectural design, our glass only balconies are perfect if you want to make the most of your picturesque views. Our glass balconies are also ideal for those of you who want to modernise your property.

Need a Christchurch balcony fitter? Select New Balcony

When you want a balcony installed on your premises, New Balcony is the company to choose. After considering your design ideas, we will manufacture and install the balcony of your dreams.

Our Christchurch balcony fitter will deliver the following standards of our company to your construction project:

  • High-quality materials
  • Over ten years experience
  • Highly trained and qualified service
  • Weather resistant solutions
  • Work under a Quality Assurance and British Safety Standards

Contact us

Feel free to get in touch with our balcony fitter in Christchurch and fix your new balcony today. Contact us on 01202 740154 or email