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Balcony design

Have you considered adding a balcony to your home? By contacting New Balcony today, you will receive the very best in custom-made balcony design in the UK. Our company will design a balcony that is tailored to your property’s specifications and your design wishes.

Beautiful bespoke balcony design for your property

balcony design A recent survey showed that 88% of people looking to move felt that if the property had a balcony, it would be more desirable to them. New build developers are choosing to add balconies to their new properties because they provide outdoor space when it is limited. The balconies our company builds guarantee to increase your property’s value.

An internal balcony will create space in a room, making it feel more light and airy. An external balcony is a perfect place to sit and relax, especially so if your garden space is limited. Our company has a wide variety of different materials to create dream balconies and finishes: like stainless steel, glass, Perspex, and aluminium.

There are numerous types of balcony designs and finishes to choose from. At New Balcony, we are skilled in the following:

  • Balustrades
  • Flatpost system
  • Gates
  • Glass
  • Juliette
  • Handrails
  • Rigging wire
  • Standard stainless balconies

Two of the most requested balconies we create at New Balcony are:


Falling in love with a Juliette balcony is easy. Juliette balconies do not have an external structure you can walk on but are perfect safety protection for door openings like French doors. This balcony, named after the Shakespearian heroine, allows indoor rooms to benefit from external fresh air. Juliette balconies are extremely cost-effective and are perfect for properties that are unable to support a full balcony.

Glass only balconies

If you are lucky enough to have beautiful views from your property and want to build a balcony, we suggest New Balcony constructs a glass only balcony. Glass only balconies allow you to have an outdoor space that won’t obstruct your landscape views, and are especially appealing on sunny days when the sun bounces off the glass. Our glass only balconies create a modern twist on the classic balcony, and suit all commercial and domestic property types.

Why you should choose New Balcony to design your balcony

At New Balcony, our professional builders are skilled performing all aspects of balcony construction. We can create a brand new balcony, completely refurbish an existing balcony or add an extension. Adhering to strict health and safety laws is fundamental to our company; every balcony our expert team builds is to the maximum safety level.

Our team have over ten years experience providing commercial and domestic balconies that are specifically designed for you and your property. We aim to exceed all of your expectations and increase the value of your property with our beautiful balcony design service.

Contact us

For all your balcony design needs, contact New Balcony today on 01202 740154 and we will provide you with a no obligation quote.