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Balcony Construction Design in Dorset

Do you want to enhance your property? Would you like a versatile space where you can enjoy the views from your window? At New Balcony, we offer the best balcony construction design in Dorset. With a wide range of styles to choose from, you are bound to find the one that best suits your property.

Our Dorset balcony construction and design Balcony Construction Design in Dorset

Balconies are a great way enhance the space you have available in the upper storeys of your property. They are a practical yet stylish safety measure to prevent falling while still allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and admire the views. If you are looking for professional balcony construction design in Dorset, New Balcony are the ones to call. We can design and install a stunning balcony fitting that meets your budget and every requirement.

Stainless steel

The first material that comes to mind when people think of balconies is often stainless steel, and for good reason. Standard Stainless steel balconies are strong, reliable, and can be easily adapted to suit your individual taste. At New Balcony, we ensure utmost precision when manufacturing and constructing your Dorset balcony to create a premium finish.

Flat-post system

For a slightly more unique balcony design, why not consider our flatpost system? This style is made up of a series of glass panels which are connected by metal posts to create modern and transparent balcony. You can use this as your own private space to enjoy warmer weather, or sit out and read during the rare moments you get to yourself.

Glass only

For a sophisticated and sleek alternative, our glass-only balconies are the best option for you. The clear glass panels will provide the same security as steel railings, but they will not obstruct any views from your property. With our balcony construction design Dorset service, you can choose the size of your glass panels and take your pick from a number of fixing options.


If you have full-length doors in the upper storeys of your domestic or commercial building, keep your employees and guests safe with our Juliette balconies. They offer the attractive appearance of full-size balconies while providing protection at great heights. Our skilled tradesmen can offer a tailored Dorset balcony construction design service to provide you with the perfect Juliette balcony.

Why choose our Dorset design and construction service?

At New Balcony, we offer bespoke designs and a superior standard of workmanship with every balcony we provide. Our company believes that every customer should have a balcony that is unique to them and their property. With over a decade’s experience in designing and constructing balconies, you can rest assured that the finish product will exceed your expectations.

When you choose a professional balcony construction and design service in Dorset, you will add value to your home by expanding the space available. Whether it’s a traditional property, an extension, or a new build, our Dorset balcony construction design team will be happy to work alongside builders and architects.

With our balcony construction design in Dorset, you can also expect the following:

  • Highly trained staff
  • Unique designs
  • High-quality, prompt installation
  • Quality assurance guaranteed
  • Free, no obligation quotes

We also give clients the freedom to modify their new balcony to suit their personal style. Feel free to customise your balcony with a Perspex or powder coating, or change the design with glass/stainless steel infill panels. The high grade materials we use in every Dorset balcony construction guarantees a strong and long-lasting result that is not prone to rusting.

Contact us

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