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Balcony Companies in Bournemouth

Could your property benefit from a fantastic new balcony? Are you looking for Bournemouth balcony companies that are a cut above the rest? If so, get in touch with New Balcony today. With many years’ of experience and an exemplary work ethic, it is little wonder that we are one of the top balcony companies in Bournemouth.

The best balcony companies Bournemouth has seen

Nothing quite beats the feeling you get when you’re sat enjoying the pleasant weather with a refreshing beverage on your very own balcony. If you have been putting off having one installed due to the cost, you’ll be delighted to hear that New Balcony are one of the cheapest balcony companies in Bournemouth. Our prices are so competitive, in fact, you’ll wonder why you ever waited this long.

What can our Bournemouth balcony companies provide for you?

At New Balcony, we have the most diverse selection of any other balcony companies Bournemouth has to offer. From traditional houses to luxury condos, we can tailor a style to suit any property. Our balconies can be fitted to buildings of all types including:

Balcony Companies in Bournemouth

  • Houses
  • Flats
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Hotels

Read below to learn about the options provided by our balcony companies in Bournemouth:

Standard Stainless Steel

The classic option. Our standard stainless steel balconies are subtle yet grand by design and will serve as a fantastic addition to any property. Each one is comprised of the highest quality steel which is renowned for its durability, and for being environmentally friendly. Due to the nature of these designs, they are easy to maintain and will look great all year round! As one of the finest balcony companies Bournemouth has experienced, we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

Flatpost System

Our contemporary option. With a flatpost system, our Bournemouth balcony companies will supply you with a fixture that is both sleek and stylish. These options can even be adapted to serve as canopies to protect communal areas and doorways. Much the same as our other balconies, these are made-to-measure. Plus, they also feature various glass types and can be fitted one of several different ways.

Balcony Companies in BournemouthGlass Only

For those seeking a modern option. With a glass only balcony supplied by our balcony companies in Bournemouth, you will be free to enjoy unhindered views of the surrounding area. As well as contributing to that relaxing spot, our glass only balconies will also add significant value to your property.

Best of all, this low-maintenance option comes in a wide variety of glass sizes, and we can supply you with several fixing options.


Check out the minimalist option. If your property is unable to support the weight of a full-sized balcony, our balcony companies Bournemouth professionals can help. Whether you require a balustrade for your upstairs landing or a guard rail for a full height opening, we can tailor a Juliette balcony to suit your requirements.

By hiring New Balcony over other balcony companies in Bournemouth, you will be treated to a quick installation that will see you enjoying your balcony in no time at all.

What are the benefits of having a balcony added to your property?

If you are still unsure as to whether a balcony is right for you, consider for a moment the benefits that it affords.

Increased privacy

Whether you are looking to entertain guests or simply wish a little seclusion for yourself, a balcony will provide you with the privacy that you seek. As it is raised up off the ground, it will keep you away from prying eyes and provide you with much-needed peace and quiet. This is especially useful for those who enjoy grilling and dining outside.

Creates a safe spot outside your home

As one of the most trusted Bournemouth balcony companies, we can’t recommend a balcony enough to those who wish to create a safe spot outside their home. Due to the nature of a balcony’s design, you will be able to leave your dog outside while you go to work without fear of it running into a road. Or, you can leave a bird cage outside and be certain that it’s protected from nearby cats.

You could even use it as a space to dry your washing without being concerned about someone stealing your clothes.

Adds to the market value and appeal of your property

Looking to sell your home? Enlist our balcony companies in Bournemouth and let us build for you a balcony that will add significant value to your property. Many prospective buyers will find the addition of a balcony to be rather appealing. When compared with a building that lacks a balcony, buyers will be more likely to offer more.

Other great benefits of choosing a balcony supplied by our Bournemouth balcony companies:

  • Great place to grow plants
  • Can be customised to expand your living space
  • Versatile (can be used for storage, etc.)
  • Suitable for buildings of all shapes and sizes
  • Opens up your room making it feel lighter and more airier

Why choose our balcony companies in Bournemouth?

If you’re looking for the most reputable balcony companies Bournemouth has to offer, you’ll be delighted to hear that your search is over. At New Balcony, we have for many years now catered to the needs of hundreds of satisfied customers. From balconies to balustrades and handrails to gates, no job is too big or small for us to handle.

As one of the leading Bournemouth balcony companies, our highly skilled team remains committed to providing our customers with unbeatable quality. We boast an excellent selection of materials such as Perspex, powder coated mild steel, and aluminium to afford you with a finish that is beyond exceptional.

From concept to completion, our all-in-one service condenses all aspects into a single, affordable quote. From new builds and refurbishments to extensions, we are considered to be one of the most popular balcony companies Bournemouth has seen. If you are searching for quality assurance, a high standard of workmanship and competitive prices look no further than New Balcony.


Discover what makes us one of the most outstanding balcony companies in Bournemouth. Get in contact with New Balcony today on 01202 740154.